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Slika za FB stran 2000

Slika za FB stran 2000

Welcome to BRAINSCRIBED program!

BRAINSCRIBED program is a comprehensive collection of graphomotor / visual-motor training tasks with more than 5.500 worksheets and more than 20.000 activities ​and challenges designed to address cognitive developmental needs of CHILDREN.

Educational and brain science emphasize the importance of visual-motor training for children and confirm that graphomotor exercises create functional connections between visual and motor brain regions and improve visual-motor integration.

For decades, developmental science and neuroscience have demonstrated the importance of developing fine motor skills in growing children, including in regard to cognitive development. To help teachers, professionals and parents who wish to support the development of visual-motor integration in children, we launched the BRAINSCRIBED program in 2007. Since then, more than 5,500 worksheets have been created with over 20,000 engaging, challenging and fun tasks designed to promote the development of graphomotor and fine motor skills. This vast array of useful resources has been compiled into dozens of workbooks, available online at and as softcover books..


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